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Skin Care

Acne Tips!

Acne Tips! Acne Tips! First and foremost, do not touch the pimples! Squeezing pimples out leads to more bacterial infection thereby causing more damage to the skin.   Know your skin type: Pimples occur more commonly in oily skin types. In such patients, using the right moisturizers and sunscreen are of utmost importance. Most sunscreens are …

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Pigmentation Let’s talk about Pigmentation If you’re someone who has those brown spots on your cheeks, fear not you’re not the only one! This condition is known as Melasma and the common causes include your hormones, genes, UV light exposure and certain medications. Now, when we say hormones, in females it most commonly erupts after pregnancy. If …

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels All about Chemical Peels So in our practice, I see a lot of patients who get scared of getting a chemical peel done when suggested in the treatment plan. Gradually, on asking what scares them about the procedure, I found out the general questions which are there in everyone’s minds. Today I answer …

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