Monsoon Eye Troubles

Monsoon Eye Troubles

The Monsoons have finally hit us here in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai and with it goodbye to the hot summers and sunglasses.

But with its arrival it also brings an array of Viral and Bacterial infections which affect the eye in various ways. The moist environment makes it an active breeding ground for microbes.

Below are a few Diseases to be aware of and tips to prevent eye infections this rainy season.

The Red eye or Pink eye

One of the most common Diseases during monsoon is Conjunctivitis, commonly known as Red or Pink eye. In this the white part of the eye (sclera) which is covered by a thin mucus membrane called Conjunctiva becomes red and inflamed. It can also cause cold like symptoms and spread to other members of the family or co-workers. It can be Viral or Bacterial and usually subsides in a week to 10 days.


Stye can be described as a pimple affecting the roots of the eye lashes and is a bacterial infection. It is a painful condition but thankfully it is not contagious like conjunctivitis.

Corneal ulcers

This a rare and sight threatening condition when the central Black part of the eye (which is actually transparent) is infected and a white spot may be seen. The cause may be either due to trauma or contact with contaminated water or contact lens solution. They may be bacterial, viral or fungal. Compared to the previous 2 this is the most pain full. Quick and appropriate management is required.




Over the counter drugs directly from the chemist should be avoided as it may contain Steroids.

Steroids may worsen certain conditions and on prolonged use can cause Cataract or Glaucoma.

Consultation with an Eye Specialist near you is advisable as early treatment may shorten the duration of the disease and also its spread


Prevention tips:

  • Avoid touching your eyes or face with dirty hands. If you must touch, please do so after washing hands.
  • Do not share your towels.
  • Wear protective eyewear when possible.
  • Itching and pain may be reduced with cold compress.
  • Pain due to Styes can reduce with warm compress.
  • Avoid exposing the eye to dirty water from puddles and lakes.
  • Do not rub or itch your eye if you and suspecting a Foreign Body.



Take care and enjoy the monsoons !!

Dr. Ganesh Kalyanshetti
Cornea & Cataract Consultant / KMC Eye & Skin Hospital , Ulwe Navi Mumbai