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Eye Care

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Eye Care

KMC Eye Hospital has cutting-edge facilities both for basic and advanced diagnostic tests and surgeries. The hospital ensures quality total eye care for all the patients. We have a team of skilled Ophthalmologists who have more than 25yrs of combined experience. Complex cases like cataract surgery, corneal transplants and LASIK are our expertise and we challenge ourselves to give our best. Our team is trained to customize each patient’s treatment, using the best technology.

We are focused on listening to YOUR needs, and providing the best possible treatment to help YOU.

General Ophthalmology and Refraction starts with regular eye exams to identify problems before they progress to the treatment. It is not only providing corrective care for farsightedness and nearsightedness. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists at KMC are skilled at finding eye disease early, enabling an intervention before vision may be threatened.

Eye Care Treatments We Offer

LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery LASIK Surgery at KMC Hospitals The Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) refractive eye surgery procedure can treat...

Our Experts

Dr. Ganesh Kalyanshetti

The founder of KMC Eye and Skin Hospital and an eye surgeon with more than 5000 successful surgeries to recognize his credibility.

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