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Chemical Peels

All about Chemical Peels

So in our practice, I see a lot of patients who get scared of getting a chemical peel done when suggested in the treatment plan.

Gradually, on asking what scares them about the procedure, I found out the general questions which are there in everyone’s minds. Today I answer those worrisome questions.

  • Will our skin actually “PEEL” off after the procedure?
    • When we say chemical peel, it means chemo-exfoliation, yes, but will you be pulling off your skin from your face like the youtube videos, No! There will be some amount of superficial peeling which you will face.
    • So Different peels have different depths of action. Depending on what your doctor is recommending the procedure for. In Indian skin tone, we usually would not go for anything that would be too deep.
  • How many indications are there for a peel?
    • So there are a variety of peels available for use consisting of Alpha hydroxy acids or Beta hydroxy acids or certain anti-oxidants as well. Sometimes there are combination peels consisting of these ingredients in fixed concentrations.
    • So if you have acne (pimples) or scars your dermatologist might advise you peels with Salicylic Acid or retinols, whereas if you have pigmentation issues you might be advised a peel consisting of Glycolic acid or Kojic acid or arginine or Vitamin C amongst many others.
    • Other indications also include anti-ageing peels for superficial wrinkles or dyspigmentation.
  • Does your skin start thinning after multiple sittings or will the skin become dependent on peels later on?
    • No, your skin does not start thinning. Peels exfoliate your skin in a controlled manner and stimulate regeneration of skin which gives you an even skin tone and the glow that you desire.
    • For Acne or pigmentary conditions, we advise 3-5 sessions and the effect can be maintained with certain creams or gels.
    • As ageing is a non stop process, regular sessions are hence advised in such a case.
  • Any side effects?
    • If done by a qualified dermatologist, no side effects are faced.
    • After any procedure, your dermatologist will advise you strict sun protection and this applies to chemical peels as well.
  • How long does 1 procedure take?
    • It is an office procedure and usually will not take more than 15- 30 minutes.
  • Contraindications?
    • Any active infection (bacterial, viral or fungal), keloidal tendency, facial dermatitis, on photosensitizing drugs, pregnancy, unrealistic expectations (any procedure takes time to give the desired results depending on your skin type and also the condition you are undergoing the procedure for).

Dr. Shubhangini Sharma
KMC Eye & Skin Hospital, Ulwe Navi Mumbai